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    Ship your packages at the lowest
    international shipping rates in its class
    All packages shipped via DHL Express
    are hand delivered usually only between 2-4 days
    Track them in real-time as they leave
    Shopping in the USA is extremely popular for people from all over the world. Not everyone has an opportunity or time to fly and shop personally. Millions of customers around the globe shop directly from US websites and online stores and use US forwarding companies to get their orders to their international destinations.

    What does US forwarding company do?

    IShipUSA is well established US forwarding company that can help you in many different ways. You can purchase your products by yourself and use us just to forward your package to your country, or you can even use the services of our skillful personal shopper and place the assistant order, which means we do all the work for you - we will purchase your items, receive them to our US warehouse and forward them from USA to nearly any country in the world!.
    US forwarding company is your best friend for all your shoppings in the USA!

    US forwarding company offers many benefits!

    There are some US websites and online stores that offers international shipping directly to the customers. Even though this might look as a better choice, there is still huge benefit for you to use US forwarding company instead of having your orders ship directly from the store:

    • US forwarding company can combine your orders from different online stores to one package (huge savings on separate shipping costs!)
    • US forwarding company has exclusive discounts from shipping companies (you will pay much lower international shipping cost!)
    • US forwarding company ships to nearly any country in the world (the selection of countries US stores ship to is limited!)

    Use as your US forwarding company and get all the benefits of our memberships in no time! Our members have an access to huge selection of extra services no other US forwarding companies offer! We are here to help you and serve you!

    "IShipUSA offers lowest shipping rates compared to other USA forwarding companies thanks to our exclusive contract with DHL"
    Number 1 shopping & delivery services from the USA
    Consolidation of packages for All members
    No recurring billing & you have it all under control