Affliction website refuses my payment

I did try to purchase from Affliction page some 3 times, every time my payment was declined and the message says my billing and shipping address must be the same. I did use my IShipUSA shipping address for both, why my order is not accepted?
Pierre 09.10.2013 18:43

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Many US companies starts to refuse shipments to different than billing address. This is due to the growing internet credit card fraud. Your IShipUSA mailing address is only for shipping purposes, and you can not use it as your billing address!!! This address is not connected to your payment type and therefor can not be verified by seller. Your orders will be than declined! Please, contact our personal shopper and place assistant order, we can than purchase your items and have them forwarded to your international address in no time.
IShipUSA 09.10.2013 18:44
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