Amazon does not accept my USA shipping address, why?

I am not happy, I did shop from Amazon and when filling my new shipping address it was giving me different suggestions for my address, not the same way I have it in my IShipUSA account. I do not know if I can be using my new address I got from you?!
Moermahadi 29.10.2013 15:20

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Every day, there are hundreds of Amazon purchases made by our customers without any problems. Many Amazon sellers is using shipping system, that does not recognize your US address because it is a warehouse, however, Amazon is only asking you to either confirm your USA shipping address or accept suggested address. DO NOT ACCEPT the suggested shipping address if there is not your suite number! Always confirm that the address you are using (including your suite #) is actually correct, and your order will go through without any problems.
IShipUSA 29.10.2013 15:21
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