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We will receive a package in New York, and some part of that package it would be send to Palm Springs. Our question is if it is possible to pick up that package with us in New York and send it to Palm Springs around 30 days later? You can hold it that time?

Thank you very much in advanced.

Best Regards
Carmen 23.10.2013 16:28

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Hi Carmen
and thanks for contacting us. I unfortunately do not understand exactly what is your question? Our warehouse is in Miami, Florida and we provide US package forwarding service only from our Florida warehouse international. It is not problem to hold your package for 30 days, however you must be IShipUSA member and you have to have your package delivered to your new US mailing address for us to receive it, hold it and than forward international as you wish.
Tomas 27.10.2013 02:04
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