Why there was one shoe box missing in my package?

I just received my package today, and there were all my shoe pairs inside, but one shoe box was misssing and the shoes were loose in the box. They were very well wrapped in the paper and no damage was made but I do wonder why did you remove one shoe from the original box? Thank you for explanation.
Best Regards
Michaela 10.09.2013 02:28

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We are very sorry if we did unpack one of the shoes from the original retail box. We do try our best to minimize package size and its DIM measurements. Many customers place special request to actually discard original retail boxes or shoe boxes to save quite a bit on the postage. If your order didn't include this request, we did pack your shoes in he original boxes. However, if there was one box, that would not fit into the chosen fitting forwarding box, and we would have to use much bigger box just for that one shoe in the original box, our warehouse employee unpack this shoe pair too fit into the shipping box. This way wwe could keep low dimensional weight size and your posateg was much more economical. In the future, if you need all shoe boxes shipped, please place the special request into your individual order.
IShipUSA 09.09.2013 21:38
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