You say I can consolidate only 5 parcels?

I did read that I can consolidate only 5 packages to one shipment. I have around 30 small packages on the way - small cosmetic items like lip gloss, lip balms etc. They are coming in small quantities from different websites, but all are very small envelopes or packages. Do you still pack only 5 together or can you fill bigger box and fit all of them into it please? I really want to safe on my postage.
Many thanks
Rina 04.11.2013 11:26

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Our page states that you can consolidate up to 5 packages into one shipment. This applies mostly to some over sized packages or items. There are certain weigh / size limits depending on chosen shipping carrier. However, if you have some very small items or packages on the way at the same time, we are more than happy to consolidate as many packages as possible to one standard shipping box that is accepted by most carriers and services.
IShipUSA 04.11.2013 11:29
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