Paypal Debit Card

Hi guys,
I'm an international ebay seller based in Australia as per the title relating to Paypal and applying for their debit card.

I realize this might be a strange request but would this service be up to offering this for thousands if not millions (okay I'm sure if it's millions of international ebay sellers lol) for those of us in a bind.

I've scaled the internet looking for ways to go about this,I brought a US address from you guys,input the address only to have it rejected cause the warehouse address isn't recognized go figure that one out lmao.

I would be most grateful if there was something we could do about this but I'm not pinning my hopes on a positive out look.
Nephi Timu 10.02.2014 10:55

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PayPal debit card is only for US based customers. US shipping address can not be used for such a purpose, it is against the law and our terms and conditions to use the provided US shipping address for any credit card applications.
Tomas 10.02.2014 15:54
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