Account Activation

Hey guys,

I wanted to know when an account will be active and if there's anything I can do to speed it along. was the account name.


Jason Roulston 22.10.2013 19:26

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Hi Jason
as it states on our website, and also in your IShipusa account when you login, all new account must be verified, and the verification process takes up to 48 business hours. This is the protection of all our new members as well as ours. As far as you did use your own payment type for IShipUSA membership 9either your own PayPal or Credit Card), and your billing and shipping address matches, all is good. You will be notified with message that your account is fully activated and you will see your new US shipping address in your account immediately when the activation is finished. Hope this helps.
Tomas 23.10.2013 02:34
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