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i ordered an item from a american online store which only shipped to the usa that is why i made a ishipusa account its been nearly an month since that order was placed, i emailed them asking where my package is and they said its been shipped to the address i gave them (which is the address given to me by this website) all i want to know is if my item is sent to you and what i have to do in order to have it shipped to me.
thank you!
Zaheer 10.11.2013 23:32

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hi Zaheer
first of all, you should always create individual order in your IShipUSA account immediately after you receive shipping confirmation for your package from your US seller. Your package will be delivered to your US shipping address, however without the order in your account our warehouse can not process your package. I did check your account, you were actually notified by our warehouse about the package received and asked to create the order. At this time, I see that your package was processed and international postage for forwarding from USA to your UK address was charged. Once the payment is received, your package will dispatch our warehouse and you will have tracking number in your order for your reference.
Tomas 11.11.2013 23:30
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