Can you ship perfume to Australia

Can you ship perfume to Australia - if so, is there any extra costs.
Melissa Jennings 18.10.2013 12:47

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Hi Melissa
and thanks for contacting us.
Perfumes, EDT and mists, as any other liquids, have a lot of restrictions for Australia. They may be shipped, but it all depends on the content of alcohol. To determine if that particular product may be forwarded to Australia with our IShipUSA package forwarding service we need so called MSDS for each product, which is showing exact contain of alcohol and other substances. In general, if the perfumes are less than class 3 flammable, or belong to consumer commodity class 9, they may be allowed to be shipped to Australia, but they have to be accompanied with the MSDS list to clear here in the USA. This paperwork would have to be provided by you/your seller to IShipUSA warehouse prior to forwarding service to Australia from our warehouse. Hope this helps.
Tomas 23.10.2013 02:39
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