I´m not sure how to start?

I just became I member and want to start using the advantages of being part of the ishipusa. Will purchase my first item and have it forwarded to Brazil. I have to questions? What do you mean by that?
1 - Please make sure all your orders are in your account prior to their arrival to our warehouse
2 - Please note that your first package MUST go to the shipping address associated with your payment (IS THIS MY BILLING ADRRESS IN BRAZIL? )
CRISTIANO GOULART 10.12.2013 13:04

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Hi Cristiano
and welcome on board. Once you make your purchase, and you receive the shipping confirmation from your seller/sellers, login to your IShipUSA.com account and create your INDIVIDUAL ORDER, by filling the form. YOU must create one individual order for every package that will be received to our warehouse - for example, if you buy from multiple stores, create one order for each store. You should have these orders in your account prior to your package arriving to our warehouse - this way we can immediately process your order, connect the package to your Individual order, see if you requested any consolidation, and prepare it for international shipping.
ALL FIRST ORDERS MUST BE SHIPPED to your billing address - any new customer will have his first order shipped only to his billing address, that is the address associated with the payment you used for registering and membership. You can not have first package shipped to any different address and name. After the first package is delivered to your billing address, than for the future packages you can choose to ship to any other address or even different name.
Tomas 12.12.2013 00:23
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