My package order # 9632 got seized by my customs because of my gold jewelry!!!

I ordered some goods and have them ship in the package to me. Now, my package is in my customs and they are telling me there are restricted items - gold. I do not understand why they keep it, please help me, I want my goods!
Kim 12.09.2013 07:30

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Hi, and sorry to hear that. We did check your order and order list and there was no gold jewelry stated! Your country does not allow shipping of any coins, and silver or gold jewelry! You did state your jewelry is only custom jewelry (which means made from stainless steel or other cheap material - no gold or silver). Unfortunately there is nothing we can do, you have to try to work with your customs, although even our website states that gold and silver jewelry can not be shipped!
IShipUSA 12.09.2013 01:53
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