Perfume shipment?

Your customer service told me perfume can not be forwarded to my country, but eBay sellers ship to me from the USA?Why not you?
Mikkjal 11.09.2013 02:16

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There are many restrictions regarding any liquids containing alcohol. It all depends on your country and shipping carrier. In general, we are not allow to ship any perfumes or EDT via USPS. We can ship them only with DHL, however, there are some countries that are restricted and neither perfume nor EDT can be shipped to such countries. Please, review out "hazardous & prohibited" items section, and always contact our customer servicce prior to you ordering such an items. eBay sellers sometimes do not follow the shipping rules and ship at your own risk. Your package can be stopped by customs and you will unfortunately loose your money.
IShipUSA 10.09.2013 19:49
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