I ordered a product from usa, by you. I select DHL for ship my product, becausse was the cheaper option and the quicker. I paid the shipment fee, 52.99 dolares, and now DHL Portugal is charging me the payment of taxes and fees, which i thought i had paid. You didn't inform me that I had to pay more in my country and now they are charging me a very high value, more than 85 dolares.
When i choose your service i thought you have agreements with several shipment enterprises and i didn't have to pay more without being told first.
I request you solve the situation
Marta Nunes 18.12.2013 17:51

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Hi Marta
as it states on our website and also in terms and conditions ALL TAXES AND CUSTOM DUTIES are sole responsibility of receiver! You paid for shipping not for customs duties, these, if any are charged, are charged by the custom laws of your country and they are collected by your carrier, either DHL or USPS. We are not responsible for any custom fees and duties for your package. Please, contact your local DHL and settle your due amount with them so your package can be delivered to you.
Tomas 19.12.2013 07:00
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