Why is my postage so high only for one shoe box?

Please, why did you charge me so much for one shoe box? This is expensive, shoe can not weight more than 2 pounds!
Tim 13.09.2013 13:55

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It all depends what shipping carrier you have chosen and also where the package is going to. In general, DHL charges not only by "true" weight but also by DIM - "Dimensional Weight". If your package is light but have bigger measurements, than postage through DHL will be calculated by DIM weight. In those cases it is sometimes better to use USPS and one of their services - USPS charges only by the true weight. However, our exclusive contract with DHL gives our members the best possible rates per each pound, much cheaper than USPS rates. We always do recommend to check all possible shipping methods through IShipUSA shipping calculator and choose the one that first your budget and needs.
IShipUSA 13.09.2013 10:46
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