Victoria's Secret canceled some of my items, what now?

I need help please. I place my VS order into my Ishipusa account but now VS emailed me there are some items that has been canceled from my order. What I do need to do now? Should I create new individual order? Please help, urgent, my package will arrive to your warehouse today.
Sonya 30.10.2013 23:48

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To better assist you we would need some additional info. Nevertheless, if there are only some items from your order that have been canceled, you can only send us a message from your account telling us what items should be deleted from your individual order, there is no need to create new individual order. If the whole order was for some reason canceled, send us a message and we can cancel your individual order - there is no charge for any canceled order in your account.
IShipUSA 30.10.2013 23:49
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