Buy from your favorite US retailer - shopping guide for IShipUSA customers

Amazon became a phenomena in online stores. Many say, it nearly killed electronic retail stores thanks to their unbeatable low prices and free delivery within the continental United States. What matters to all our international customers is the fact that you can purchase virtually any item on this one website and it will be probably in the best offered online price you can ever find. Sign up for Amazon account, shop your desired items and have them shipped to your USA address that you get once you registered with us. There might be customers who do not have their own account, do not wish to register or use their own international credit cards for any reason - and even for those we have an easy solution: our personal shopper service allows you to place your order and your dedicated personal shopper will buy your items, receive them in our warehouse, and forward them to your doorsteps in the lowest international shipping rates offered only to IShipUSA members!

We would like to offer to all our members and customers worldwide these "Amazon Shopping Guide" to make your shopping in USA easy and fast:
Choosing the products and seller

When shopping on Amazon, one must have on mind, that there are many different options for the same exact products. It is always important to choose a right seller. Whom should you choose for your purchase.? First of all, always check sellers ratings - feedback that was left to the seller by previous buyers. We do always recommend to purchase directly from the Amazon, if there is such an option. In the case it is not possible to purchase desired product directly via their website, make sure you buy from a seller having the highest positive feedback rating. If you seller falls short in feedback rating, we would strongly suggest to find different seller with the highest positive feedback percentage. Such a seller will most likely sell the products in the best quality, and offers also the fastest and most reliable services, including fast shipping. It is also always important to check the extra fees. When product is offered directly from the website, there will be most probably free shipping offered with your "Prime" subscription. This method is also the one with fastest delivery time within the USA. If you are buying from other sellers on this website,  make sure your seller is in fact in the USA - you want your item to be shipped without any international postage charges to your US delivery address, and avoid any custom duties and fees for receiving the goods from abroad. To find your item, just login to your Amazon account and enter a few words into the search box on the home page and it'll show you all the matching results. You can also browse the website by categories, sizes, colors etc. Always compare the prices for the particular item, if there are multiple sellers. Make sure that when you calculate item price and extra fees, you will end up buying in the cheapest possible price. Check the item details - details usually include customer reviews, which can sometimes provide helpful information about content and product compatibility!

Multiple Items Purchases

When shopping for multiple items, it is always recommended to try to find one seller offering all the products you are looking for, if possible. This way you will eliminate multiple charges. Some sellers offer only one delivery method, some gives you an option to choose from multiple different methods and carriers. Choose the one that fits best your needs - if you are not in rush, than economic option works the best. Free shipping  can be in many cases the slowest one, but it saves you money when purchasing multiple items from different sellers. If you need your item as soon as possible, aim for priority or express method, so your item can be received in our warehouse in the shortest possible time to be ready for package forwarding from our warehouse to your destination.  Be aware, express method or second day delivery does not mean that your item will be actually delivered to your US address the next day - this estimate reflects the delivery time from the moment your seller actually dispatch the item from their warehouse, which can take several days! When you purchase multiple items from this website, it is always more economic to request consolidation service, just put the request when you create your individual orders - this way we can receive multiple packages under your account and re pack them into one easy shipment with one international shipping charge only!

Amazon Purchase Payment

99% of all Amazon purchases is paid with your Credit Card or Debit Card. You can use also your PayPal balance, or you can pay with your bank account or credit / debit card saved in your PayPal account if Amazon seller offers PayPal payment option. There are some sellers accepting also Google checkout.  There might be few sellers that request different payment method, like money order or personal check. We strongly suggest to avoid such a seller and proceed always with secure Credit Card or PayPal / Google payment. This way you will be under protection in the case something would go wrong with your purchase. Make sure, that you set up your new US shipping address as the default address for your US purchases in your account. Many sellers will require authentic and working US phone number, which is requested by their shipping carriers. You can obtain your US phone number directly in your IShipUSA account for a one time setup payment fee, and use it every time you are ask for US phone number.

Receiving of your Amazon purchases & Package forwarding from USA

You successfully completed your purchase? Than you can just lay back and relax now. You packages will be delivered to your IShipUSA address, and we will receive them under your suite number in our warehouse. Your shopping will be than prepared for international delivery at your location - we will follow the notes in your account under your individual order, receive and check your items, consolidate them if requested. If you buy from multiple sellers you can save a lot of money on international postage by consolidating all your packages to one shipment. Some Amazon sellers offer direct international delivery, however, the shipping rates offered by sellers are in many cases much higher than our low international shipping rates, and you can not consolidate your packages when coming from multiple sellers. This way you may end up paying multiple charges and the cost of your products will be much higher!

Amazon International Shipping with IShipUSA

You package will be forwarded from the USA with the carrier and method of your choice. IShipUSA offers to all members multiple options:
DHL EXPRESS - most reliable service for international package forwarding from USA. This method provides you with fastest delivery time. Most of the packages are delivered worldwide within 2-4 business days. No size or weight limitations! DHL Express service has excellent tracking, and free insurance for the packages with the value up to $100. Save over 80% with door to door delivery worldwide -  we offer to all our members amazing savings!
USPS EXPRESS - Reliable service with good tracking usually delivered within 5-7 business days. We do recommend this service mostly for packages with higher dimensional weight. For regular packages it is usually cheaper to ship with DHL. Free insurance for the packages with the value up to $100. There are size/weight limits for this service.
USPS PRIORITY SERVICE - Slower & cheaper delivery service with weight and size restrictions & delivery usually within 15-28 business days. Size and weight limitations depending on country. There is also value limit for each International Priority Package - value of each package cannot exceed $500! 

Compare your rates directly at our website. Our calculator for international shipping will provide you with rates and available shipping methods for your particular package.

Shopping in USA can be fun, you just need to know how to buy. We hope this shopping guide will make your USA Amazon purchases easy and fast. Have your packages send from USA with exclusive 80% discounted shipping rates provided only by

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