Mailing carriers and methods from your favorite auction side

There are many reasons why our IShipUSA members love to buy from US eBay. Of course, the main reason is cheap price, and also availability of products available only to American customers. eBay purchases are among the most popular for our international customers. 

No matter what is your reason for a purchase, we are here to help you with it. Just purchase your items with your own eBay account and have them shipped to your USA mailing address that you get once you registered with us. Or, in the case you do not have your own account or PayPal, our personal shopper service allows you to place you order and our dedicated shopping team will buy your items, receive them, and forward them to your doorsteps in the lowest international shipping rates!

We would like to offer to all our members and customers worldwide these "eBay Shopping Guidelines" to make your shopping easy and fast.
ebay shopping & shipping with IShipUSA

Choosing the seller

When shopping on eBay, it is always important to choose a right seller. There are sometimes dozens or even hundreds of sellers offering the same products. So, the question is, whom should you choose for your purchase. First of all, always check sellers ratings - feedback. You will find these in each auction. Make sure you buy from a seller having the highest positive feedback rating. Read the feedback's left by previous buyers. If you seller falls short in feedback rating, we would strongly suggest to find different seller with the highest positive feedback percentage. Such a seller will most likely sell the products that are best quality, and offers also the fastest and most reliable services, including fast shipping. It is also important to make sure your seller's location is within the United States - you want your item to be shipped within the USA to your IShipUSA mailing address to avoid expensive delivery charges. You can find this information under "Item Location". 

We are company providing package forwarding services to nearly anywhere in the world. Choosing international seller may be risky for you -  you might end up paying extremely high international postage for your item to be delivered to your American address, as well as end up paying custom duties and fees for receiving the goods from abroad. By choosing the seller located in the United States you will assure that your domestic postage will be low, delivery time from the seller to our warehouse will be short, and you will avoid any duties and custom fees.

Choosing your eBay product

Once you have chosen reliable sellers with highest ratings, it is time to choose whom you should buy your products from. When searching for your particular product, you can select how would you like your products appear on website by going to "Sort" section. eBay always sorts the items under "Best Match". In this section you have a choices to show your items in many different ways - ending soonest, lowest price, highest price, newly listed etc. By choosing "Lowest Price", the search results will appear in the order of cheapest price (including shipping cost) to the most expensive one. This way you can compare and find the best price for the same item offered by different sellers which makes your eBay shopping in USA even easier.

Multiple item purchase

When shopping for multiple items, you should always try to find one seller offering all the products you want to buy, if possible. This way you will eliminate multiple postage charges. You should always check if your there is "Consolidation" option for your purchases, which allows you to save even more. You can check all options and also the handling time in the auction details. Some auctions offer only one method for delivery of your order, some gives you an option to choose from multiple different methods and carriers. Choose the one that fits best your needs. We do encourage you to try too communicate with your seller prior to your payment and get your discount when purchasing multiple items from him. Most will offer you combined shipping. Have your items delivered to your US address where we can receive them, consolidate them and ship them to your doorsteps.

eBay Purchase Payment
99% of all purchases is paid with PayPal. You can use your PayPal balance, or you can pay with your bank account or credit / debit card saved in your PayPal account. There are few sellers that request different payment method, like money order or personal check. We strongly suggest to avoid such a seller and proceed always with PayPal payment. This way you will be under PayPal protection in the case something would go wrong with your purchase. Make sure, that you set up your new US shipping address as the default address for your purchases in your PayPal account.

Receiving of your eBay purchases & package forwarding from USA

Once you completed your purchase, you can lay back and relax. Your shopping will be delivered to your USA shipping address, and we will receive them under your suite number in our warehouse. Your shopping will be than prepared for international forwarding from USA - we will follow the notes in your order, receive your items, check them, consolidate them or repack them. If you buy from multiple eBay sellers you can save a lot of money on international postage by consolidating all your purchases to one big package. Many sellers offer direct international shipping, however, the rates offer by sellers are in many cases much higher than our low international postage rates, and you can not consolidate your packages when coming from different eBay sellers. You will end up paying much more and the cost of your products will be extremely high!

Choose your International shipping carrier and method

You package will ship with the carrier and method of your choice. IShipUSA offers multiple options:

DHL EXPRESS - most reliable service for international package forwarding from the United States. This method provides you with fastest delivery time. Most of the packages are delivered worldwide within 2-4 business days. No size or weight limitations! DHL Express service has excellent tracking, and free insurance with the value up to $100. Save over 80% with door to door delivery worldwide -  we offer to all our members amazing savings on the international postages!

USPS EXPRESS - Reliable shipping service with good tracking usually delivered within 5-7 business days. We do recommend this service mostly for packages with higher dimensional weight. For regular packages it is usually cheaper to ship with DHL. Free insurance for the packages with the value up to $100. There are size/weight limits for this service.

USPS PRIORITY SERVICE - Slower & cheaper shipping service with weight and size restrictions & delivery usually within 15-28 business days. Size and weight limitations depending on country. There is also value limit for the Priority - value of each package cannot exceed $500! 

Compare your shipping rates directly on our website. Our postage calculator provides you with the rates and available methods for your particular package.

Shopping in USA can be fun, you just need to know how to buy. We hope this shopping guide will make your USA eBay purchases easy and fast. Have your packages send from USA with exclusive 80% discounted shipping rates provided by

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