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    Memberships and accounts:

    How does my account work?
    When you log in to your account you can:
    • create new orders
    • check the status of new and or existing orders (which merchandise has been received, what is still missing etc.)
    • check if your order has been shipped
    • change any details in your account such as shipping address or personal information
    Every time your order  is updated, you will automatically receive an email with the latest status.

    Can I change my membership type?
    Yes, you can log in into your account at any time and change the type of membership. Just follow the instructions in your account under “My Account” and then “Membership Type”.

    What type of membership is the best for me?
    We have different types of memberships. It all depends on the value and type of your orders. For casual shoppers we recommend the "Standard" membership account.
    For customers with a higher volume of orders during the month we would recommend the "Premium" membership account. You can find details of each account type on our web page under “Compare Memberships”.

    Is your service available in my country?
    Our service is available to customers all over the world except the countries that are under “US Trade Sanction Programs”. We do not do business with customers from these countries: Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Myanmar (Burma), North Korea.


    What type of payments IShipUSA accepts?
    You can pay for your order either with Credit Card or with your PayPal account.

    Do you provide COD (Collect On Delivery)?
    We can without any problems complete assisted purchase for you and forward your package to your home address, however, we do not provide COD forwarding service.

    Why was my credit card rejected?
    There might be a few reasons for your Credit Card to be declined. Either your Credit Card Company declined the charge or we successfully made a small charge but when the final amount entered by the customer Did Not Match, the charge was rejected by your Credit Card Company.

    What currency are all your fees and prices displayed in?
    IShipUSA has all prices and fees on our web page on USA Dollars.


    What does Package Forwarding (Individual Order) mean?
    You use always Package Forwarding service when you purchase the items by yourself, and pay with your credit card. In this case you place your Individual Order into your account and you will only tell us what did you order, where did you order it and possibly tracking number for your package. 

    What does Personal Shopper service means?
    If you can not purchase your items by yourself, you might use our Personal Shopper Service and place an Assistant Order. This allows you to purchase from the stores that does not accept international credit cards. We will buy your items, pay with our US credit card and than forward them to your country.

    Are there any rules or restrictions on the amount of my order?
    IShipUSA will fulfill any order, no matter the amount or quantities. Specific fees may apply to your orders in the case your order is from multiple retailers or excessive amounts of items (see our Terms and Conditions) . We will always obey retailers terms and conditions of the sale. If there are any restrictions on amounts of purchased items from retailer, we will purchase only quantities allowed by retailer.

    Can you send my assistant order directly to me?
    All Assistant Orders will be sent directly to our Florida warehouse.
    We want to make sure that all your items are received correctly as well as checked for possible damages that might have occurred during the transport within the USA. We open and inspect each order for accuracy and completeness. In the case that there is something missing or damaged in your order, we can communicate with the online retailer and solve the problem prior to shipping your order out of the USA.

    Can I return merchandise ordered via personal shopper from my assistant order?
    At this time we do not return any merchandise purchased through assistant order.

    Do you provide personal shopper service from eBay?
    Our shopping expert will gladly purchase any eBay item that you would order via our Assistant Shopping service.
    We buy the item in "Buy It Now" price only. We are not able to bid on the auctions. Please, if ordering from eBay, choose always the items that are immediately available for purchase in "Buy It Now" price, not auction items.

    Can I cancel my personal shopper order?
    Once an assistant order is marked by as "In Progress", the member may not request to modify, ask for a return and / or refund, nor cancel that order.

    Do you send me notification about my orders or packages?
    Yes, but to make sure you won’t miss any email, please add our email address to your “Safe Sender List”.
    Sometimes your email provider may put our emails with your “Spam” emails.
    By adding us to your "Save Sender List" this will ensure you will receive all of our emails with updates and notifications.


    Where to shop?
    You can purchase from any US retailer/store/individual. The list of US Online stores on our page is just our Best Selection to make it easier for the customers.
    You can check our list of Online Stores and Deals Of The Week, or you can choose your own favorite retailer. From Amazon to Zappos, your choice of US retailers is absolutely limitless.

    Can I purchase from non US retailers?
    We Buy and Ship only from US retailers. No merchandise outside of the USA can be purchased.

    What is considered as hazardous material or dangerous goods?
    For information on Hazardous Materials and Dangerous Goods please view our "Prohibited Items" page. Contact our customer service prior to purchasing or attempting to ship items which may be classified as Dangerous Goods or Hazardous Materials.
    We also suggest to visit your country's "Customs" web page for the list of "Prohibited Items" for import to your country.

    Will you accept shipments sent to me by any merchants or individuals?
    Yes, we will accept shipments to your address from any merchant or individual, as far as your items are not “Prohibited Items” to ship outside of the USA. For the list of “Prohibited Items” please see our web page under "Prohibited Items".

    Can I purchase counterfeits / imitations products?
    Absolutely not. IShipUSA purchases only Authentic products from verified US web stores. We do not Buy or Ship any Counterfeits or Imitations of Brand Name products.

    Can you help me with the sizes?
    For Clothes Size Convertor go to ( For Shoe Size Chart go to (

    Best tips for extra savings
    • always check our Home Page for any Promo Codes or Coupons
    • always use US Dollar currency if you have the option to choose
    • always use your US shipping address for the shipping cost calculation
    • always search before you buy and compare different websites for the best value/price
    • always check sellers reviews and ratings


    What carrier will deliver my package?
    IShipUSA primary courier is DHL. We do allow our customers to choose DHL or USPS Express services in case it is more economical to our customers.

    How do I calculate dimensional weight?
    All international carriers except USPS base their shipping rates on the “Dimensional Weight“. There is difference in between the “Actual Weight” of your package and “Dimensional Weight”.
    Actual Weight is the weight of the package when put on a scale. Dimensional Weight is based on the size of your package. Large items that have a small Actual Weight, like pillows, bedding's or towels will have a larger Dimensional Weight.
    Dimensional Weight is calculated by multiplying the Length by Width by Height and dividing the total by a "DIM Factor."
    The formula to calculate your Dimensional Weight is:
    Length x Width x Height (inches)/145

    For example:
    A 15x15x15 box with “Actual Weight” of 15 pounds has a “Dimensional Weight” of  24 pounds.
    15x15x15/145 = 24 pounds

    How long does it take for my package to arrive?
    • the standard transit time for DHL package to reach the destination country is 2-3 business days.
    • the transit time for USPS is usually within 5-10 business days.

    What if my package is too big or too heavy?
    We do ship also over sized packages. The prices for over sized packages can be higher, so we do recommend you to contact us prior to your order to check the possibilities of shipping your over sized package.
    We can offer “Cargo Ocean Transport” with delivery by boat. This service is available only to some countries, so it is very important to contact us before your order is purchased!

    Can you consolidate my packages into one bigger package? offers consolidation for all membership types. 
    • Standard Members can consolidate a total of up to 5 packages for an additional charge of $5 per consolidated package. 
    • Premium Members can consolidate a total of up to 5 packages for an additional charge of $3 per consolidated package. 
    • All Assistant Orders are consolidated automatically for FREE!

    Will you forward my package when I am traveling? 
    No problem, IShipUSA can ship your package immediately or on a selected date that you specify to anywhere in the world. The shipping charges are always based on the destination country.

    Can I split items in my package?
    Yes, this service is available to all members upon request.  You may find the fee for this service in our "Terms and Conditions".


    Is your website secure?
    Our website is fully secured by 256 bit SSL provided by Global Sign

    Are my payments secure? 
    Your payments are fully protected by PayPal payment gate and PayPal payment protection program. IShipUSA is a PayPal verified website. 

    How safe is my information with your website?
    Privacy of our customers is our Top Priority. IShipUSA never sells or shares any information about our customers with any third party.
    Please see our "Privacy Policy".

    Can I share my account with my friends and family?
    You can surely add your family members to your account, however for the security reasons there is only one billing address allowed for each account.

    Customer service:

    Is there someone to help me with my orders or questions?
    Our customer service is available Monday through Friday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm EST. You can send us email questions at any time. We will do our best to reply to your emails within 24 hours.

    How can I contact you?
    You can send us an email, use our chat or call our customer service number during the regular business hours. You can also leave us a message. Messages left after hours w ill be returned the following business day.

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