International Shipping - Methods for shipping from USA

  • IShipUSA offers lowest rates for shipping from USA compared to other USA forwarding companies
  • Save over 80% with door to door delivery worldwide! All packages shipped via DHL Express are hand delivered usually only between 2-4 days!
  • IShipUSA uses 3 selected shipping methods. Our preferred carrier is DHL. Thanks to our exclusive contract our shipping rates via DHL are often much lower than rates with USPS
IShipUSA allows all members to choose their preferred shipping method. However, in case a member's package cannot be shipped by the member's chosen carrier, IShipUSA will use the best shipping method to send from USA available for the member's country and package specifications.

Send from USA - Cheapest international shipping with DHL Express

DHL is a leader in international logistics and shipping. They provide fastest and most reliable shipping service to over 240 countries worldwide. With their fastest service DHL Express you can have your packages delivered within 2-4 business days door-to-door.

Advantages of DHL Express Service:
  • Unlimited size / weight of your packages
  • Fastest delivery time worldwide
  • Extremely reliable service with the most accurate tracking of your package
  • Insurance included for the first $100 value

DHL prices are based on "Dimensional Weight". Please, use our Shipping Calculator to check the shipping cost for your particular package. 

If you wish to calculate dimensional weight manually, you can do so by using this formula:
length(inch) x width(inch) x high(inch) / 145 = dimensional weight of your package in pounds.

DHL extra fees:
  • Over weight piece: A surcharge is applied when any piece in a shipment has a scale weight in excess of 70kg (150 pounds).
  • Over sized piece: A surcharge is applied when any piece has a single dimension in excess of 120cm (47inches).
  • Remote area service: A surcharge is applied per shipment when the delivery destination or pick up location is remote. Remote is defined as islands and highlands; or a post code/zip code that is difficult to serve; or a suburb/town that is distant, inaccessible or infrequently served.

USPS Express international shipping from USA

Reliable shipping service with good tracking usually delivered within 5-7 business days. 
United States Postal Service offers their fastest shipping with USPS Express services that usually delivers your package between 5-7 business days. Reliable service with good tracking available to most of the countries around the world. There are weight and size limits that may vary for specific countries.

Advantages of USPS Express Service:
  • Shipping charge is always based on real weight, not dimensional weight
  • Reliable service and tracking to most of the countries around the world
  • We do recommend this service mostly for packages with higher dimensional weight. For regular packages it is usually cheaper to ship with DHL.

USPS Limits:
  • USPS Express maximum weight is up to 70 pounds.
  • USPS Express maximum size restrictions: Size restrictions vary for each country. Usually USPS allows maximum length 60"(inch). Some countries have maximum length only 36"(inch). Usually maximum girth (maximum length + 2x high + 2x width) is up to 108"(inch).

Slower & cheaper shipping service with weight and size restrictions & delivery usually within 15-28 days.
United States Postal Service offers the Priority Service as a cheaper version of international postage. Size and weight limitations depending on country! Size limitation is usually 42 inches maximum length (some countries 60 inches). Length + (2 x width) + (2 x height) less than 79 inches (some countries allow less than 108 inches).
Tracking for Priority Service is not very reliable. There is also value limit for each International Priority Package - value of each package cannot exceed $500
Please, be advise that Priority option is not reliable, and it may take a long time for your package to be delivered.

Due to different sizes and weight limitations for each country your package may not be allowed to be shipped using USPS services (if it exceeds your country limits). IShipUSA reserves the right to ship members packages with an alternate shipping carrier or shipping method in the case members chosen carrier/method cannot be used for shipping his/her package to the country of destination. 

Polonez Parcel and Container cheap shipping from USA

Excellent for oversize and heavy packages, delivered within 2-3 months.

Some packages might be overweight or oversize for regular transportation methods. In that case, we can offer some customers Ocean Freight shipping by boat. At this time we are using Polonez Parcel and Freight Shipping Company servicing some countries in Europe. We will provide you a quote once we know the exact dimensions, weight and declared value of your package. 
Delivery via ocean freight service is estimated to be between 2-3 months. There is very limited tracking. When member requests shipping via ocean freight we will provide him / her with tracking number we receive from Polonez company. For any information regarding packages shipped via ocean freight please follow the ling bellow:

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