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    Why partner with IShipUSA?

    Team-up with one of the largest and most trusted US package forwarding company. Our services will allow you reach customers in over 230 countries around the world with a low cost and without having to worry about international shipping or customs and duty paperwork. 

    IShipUSA has great experience in global shipping &  international customer service with happy customers and partners all over the world. We offer customers the highest level of customer service and provide personal shopper service, consolidation, repackaging, shipping and much more. Our experienced staff handles all customs paperwork for each shipment leaving our facility.

    For Affiliates

    Referral Program

    Offer IShipUSA services on your website:
    Create a new revenue stream by offering your website visitors the opportunity to shop online in the USA and have their packages shipped with up to 80% discount from standard shipping rates! Join our affiliate program and provide your customers with a service they will love!
    Get Rewarded for giving great advice to your customers! Tell your loyal readers, customers & employees about IShipUSA services and help them get the USA products they know & love! Plus, earn money with every referral that becomes an active IShipUSA member.

    Logistic Partners

    Are you looking to start the same business we are providing to our members in your country but you do not want to deal with logistics or other obstacles? 
    There is very easy solution - Become IShipUSA logistic partner.

    • You will get immediately the warehouse in the USA and the full service for your customers that we provide to our own members including the website from our own system for your clients. 
    • You will be all set and the only thing you will have to do is to promote your new business and communicate with your customers, the rest is on us!
    Please send your cover letter and business proposal to
    Number 1 shopping & delivery services from the USA
    Consolidation of packages for All members
    No recurring billing & you have it all under control