Get your products delivered worldwide with mail forwarding services

IShipUSA forwarding services make purchasing from any American retailer easy.

Buy your items and let us do the rest for you! We provide forwarding from USA to over 240 countries Worldwide.
You finished your registration and got your US mailing address, so now it is Time to Shop!  
It does not matter any more if the store only ships only locally and not abroad or you need to consolidate your packages to save on international postage, as an IShipUSA member you can now shop wherever you like! Purchase your items and let us receive them and get them ready for international delivery! Enjoy very low international shipping rates, much less than rates from some retailers! IShipUSA uses only the fastest delivery methods.

You can order from multiple retailers and have all the orders consolidated into one shipment. You can save BIG with our package consolidation services. This way you don't have to pay separate charges from each US retailer to you! is the only forwarding company offering Package Consolidation for All Members.

Few steps to get your products

  • Purchase your products from any US website or retailer and have them shipped to your new US shipping address
  • Once you receive the order and shipping confirmation from your retailer, place your Individual Order into your account.
  • Let us know what you need us to forward to you, if you need to consolidate your package, and what carrier you prefer.
  • Sit home and relax - we will receive your orders and get them ready for the international dispatch.
  • You will get an email notification for every new package received or status change.
  • All individual packages must be ready for forwarding from USA within 14 calendar days. This means that all postage and fees must be paid within 14 calendar days. 
  • Once we receive your package, we will calculate postage to your country based on the shipping method specified.
  • We do dispatch most of the packages from our warehouse within 24 hours after international postage is paid.
  • Track the progress of your shipment in the comfort of your own home - your tracking number is always updated to your account!

The cost of the service is only $3 per order for all Standard Members. It is free for our Premium Members. For best possible savings "Compare Memberships".

Few useful tips for your Individual Order

  • Order always only from the US based websites and stores
  • Check our site for the best Deals of the Week and Promo Codes
  • Fill your Individual Order form only after you receive the order confirmation from your seller
  • Place your order to your account prior to it's arrival to our warehouse for the fastest possible processing
  • Consolidate your multiple orders into one shipment to save even more on the international postages
  • See available shipping options depending on box dimensions and weight under Shipping Methods
  • Feel free to use our Shipping Cost Calculator to check your options

If you are not sure what is exactly in your individual package (for example if merchant divides one purchase into multiple shipments), you can use our SPECIAL REQUEST link in your account and we can open the package and check the contents on your behalf.

Special request includes:
  • checking the contents of your packages to ensure everything you ordered is there (number of pieces)
  • checking product quality to avoid being sent damaged goods
  • checking your invoice to make sure the seller fulfilled the order correctly

Once your payment is received, we will complete the custom declaration based on the information provided on the order form**, your parcel will ship and you will receive a shipping confirmation via email. Fast processing is our priority, we do forward your packages usually within 24hours, we do forward your packages usually within 24hours. Your tracking number will be in your order and you can track it on our secure web page under PACKAGE TRACKING.

** Custom declaration must be filled with the correct content and value. This information is required for international shipping and we are not able to ship your package without correct and complete custom declaration! If the contents of your individual order does not match the description you provided in your order form, your package will be on hold and you will be asked to correct the provided information.
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