Client online account

Our services allow our members around the world to buy from any U.S. retailer or store 24 hours a day 7 days a week. No matter what time zone you live in, you can log into your account and create your order. We receive your orders and forward them worldwide to your home or business through our shipping partners. You can just sit, relax and track your package in the comfort of your own home.

How client online account works

  • Easy and convenient order forms to place your order (Assistant / Individual order).
  • Buy products from Any US online and retail store.
  • Check our Deals of the Week selection and look for best possible Deals and Promo Codes!
  • Manage your account and orders 24/7.
  • Personal Shopper Service (assistant order) when you need us to buy your items.
  • SSL security for all membership types.
  • Discounted shipping rates through our shipping carriers to all members!
  • Easy to send special requests with your order.
  • You can send each package individually or consolidated it for even bigger savings.
  • Package consolidation and repacking to minimize dimensional weight and shipping cost available to all members!
  • You can select how often you want your package forwarded (daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or hold for instructions).
  • Place any special requests - check size, color, scan the original invoice, even return the item to your merchant and more!
  • An email notification for every new package received or status change in your order.
  • An email notification with a tracking number for every shipped package.
  • A full range of packing options - you can even specify whether to keep or discard original shoe boxes!
  • Options for all members to choose DHL or USPS shipping carriers.
  • Live chat services to get immediate answers to questions.
  • Door-to-door delivery within 2-4 days with DHL EXPRESS service.
  • Track the progress of your shipment in the comfort of your own home!

Our Official Partners

New account verification

All new accounts will have a hold for up to 48 hours due to security verification. The security verification process is an extra measure that IShipUSA takes to protect its members and services. Billing name and address on credit card / PayPal account must match that on the IShipUSA account. Once your account has been aproved and the verification process completed, you will immediately gain the access to all of IShipUSA benefits and services which includes your very own US mailing address. At any time if IShipUSA finds a member using his / her information and / or credit card information in any fraudulent manner either with IShipUSA or any USA merchant / retailer, IShipUSA will immediately close that member's account without any compensation for services, goods, fees and any funds associated to that member's account. If we receive a charge back and it is found that a third party credit card or PayPal account was used, your account will be closed immediately.

IShipUSA has "Zero Tolerant Policy" agains any fraud.  If we are contacted by any US retailer / merchant about a credit card fraud done by any of our members, his / her account will be immediately cancelled and all merchandise received under his / her name properly returned to retailers. There will be no refunds for any services IShipUSA provided to such a member, and the member will be banned to reopen his / her IShipUSA account, or open the new account under his / her name, email address or billing address.
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