USA Freight Forwarding Service

Some packages cannot be shipped via air post due to size and weight restrictions. In that case your order will arrive to our distribution center as over-sized,  and we can offer you a couple of options.

Shipping via container shipping (by sea)

If your item is over-sized and we can not split it into multiple smaller packages (either items can’t be separated or you request that the entire order must be shipped as one unit), we can use our boat carrier, Polonez Parcel (servicing Eastern Europe Only) or find another boat transport company servicing your country, if possible. Please be advised that even container shipping has weight and size limits!

Dividing order into multiple smaller packages

In the case your order is over-sized, we can try to split your order into multiple smaller packages, that can then be shipped via our regular shipping carriers (USPS, DHL).

Any over-sized package must be confirmed as "acceptable to receive" by our IShipUSA customer service assistant. We won't accept any oversize package to our warehouse if such a package was not confirmed as "acceptable to receive" prior to it's delivery. Such a package will be refused and returned to sender.

IShipUSA does not ship any "Cargo Shipments" at this time. As "Cargo Shipment" is consider any shipment of cars, trucks, boats, RV'S, motorcycles, jet-skies, furniture, agricultural and frozen food products, high and heavy machinery, building and construction equipment and materials.

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