Package consolidation services is the only forwarding company offering consolidation to All Members!

Buy from multiple US retailers, use our package forwarding service and have your goods sent to your country in one consolidated package for huge savings on postage and fast delivery abroad!

How does package consolidation work?

IShipUSA receives your multiple packages in our US facility. Your packages can be shipped separate, as received, or we can consolidate them for you. Our employees usually unpack your items from original boxes they were received in and repack them into the larger box that is used for consolidation. If you wish to keep the items in their original shipping boxes, please let us know in the special request for your order.

US package consolidation service

No matter if you buy from retailers like Amazon or eBay who ships usually in multiple packages, or you order from multiple US websites at the same time - have your packages consolidated into one shipment and save BIG on postage instead of having each package forwarded separate! This way you don't have to pay separate shipping charges! is the only US package forwarding company offering Package Consolidation for All members.

  • Standard members can consolidate a total of up to 5 packages for an additional charge of $5 per consolidated package.
  • Premium members can consolidate a total of up to 5 packages for an additional charge of $3 per consolidated package.
Once all the orders you requested to consolidate arrive into our warehouse, our employees will pack them into one large package and ship them to you in one shipment saving you big on separate shipping charges! Any member that wishes to consolidate packages must have all orders in their account within 5 days of first package received and notify IShipUSA to consolidate these particular packages. We do consolidate your orders to the box size 26x14x14 inches or smaller. This box can be shipped without any restrictions with all IShipUSA carriers. By special request we can try to consolidate your orders to a bigger box, if necessary. Using larger box sizes may limit the choice of carrier and shipping service (see Shipping Methods).

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