US Personal shopper service / Assistant order

IShipUSA Personel Shopper services make purchasing from any US retailer easy.

Our Personal Shopper service is designed to help you overcome common obstacles you may encounter when shopping online in the US, as well as to provide our customers with a concierge-style shopping experience.

When to use our Personal Shopper Service?

If the store only ships inside the USA and accepts only USA credit cards, you can still buy your items with the help of our Personal Shopper! Just tell us what you wish to buy and let our dedicated personal shopper to do all the work for you - you can just relax and wait for your package to arrive to your door!

Assistant order example

Price of the goods:   $200

Our personal shopper fee:   $7.50 + 8% (only from the price of the goods $200 x 0.08 (8%) = $16)

The total amount for your assistant order including IShipUSA fees is $223.50

  • there is no risk for you - no fee will be charged if your order is canceled by merchant (for example if products are not available).
  • if we do not receive your products from the merchant you will get the refund back!

Place the ASSISTANT ORDER only when you need us to purchase your items via personal shopper service (not when you did buy your items by yourself).

US personal shopper service / Assistant order - How does it work?

Log into your IShipUSA online account and follow a simple step-by-step process to place an order request:

  • "Click on Personal Shopper" in your account and place your assistant order - specify US retailer, product links, names and item numbers.
  • "Tell Us What You Want To Buy" - with each link specify details about the item you want us to buy, such as size, color, quantities or any other detailed descriptions needed to buy the correct item.
You can do this by placing your selected items into a shopping cart on your favorite website and go to checkout. This will give you the total cost of your products as well as verify if the items are available in your selected size, color and quantities. You will enter all the information into your assistant order form and submit your order.
Once your order is paid, one of our Personal Shopper experts will check the availability of your products and complete your order. You will receive a confirmation email.
Please Note: We may encounter the situation when some of your items won’t be available at the time your Personal Shopper expert completes your order. Our policy is that at least 50% of your order must be available for purchase. If there is more than 50% of the items from your order unavailable, we will cancel the order and you will receive an email from us.
Once your merchandise arrives in our distribution center, your order will be checked and marked as completed. If requested your order can be consolidated into one package with other orders and the shipping cost will be calculated based on your international address. Your order will be marked as "ready to ship".
Once your full payment is received, your order will ship and you will receive shipping confirmation via email. Your tracking number will be in your order and you can track your packages directly in your account under "Track my orders".
All customs and duties, taxes and fees are the sole responsibility of the IShipUSA member only.

The cost of the service is $7.50 per order. There is an 8% commission charged on the cost of the products only. For best possible savings "Compare Memberships".
Please note: Any order with a value less than $100 will be required to pay a deposit of $29.90.

"In-Store" Personal shopper service

Some US websites take a step further and block the international buyers from getting the same best prices offered to US customers. We Have The Solution!

Our In-Store Personal Shopper service provides the option to all of our members to purchase directly from US retail stores. After you place your assistant order, your personal shopper will go to the retail store, purchase the items and then ship them to you. More and more of our customers use the In-Store Personal Shopper service to purchase from retailers like Tommy Hilfiger or others. Always contact our customer service before placing the In-Store order for the availability of the service for that particular store.

The In-Store Personal Shopper fee is $25 plus 8% from the price of the goods.

Start shopping from any US store today

US store only accepts US payment? Use our "personal shopper" service and shop from any US store!

Let us shop for you without risk. Customer satisfaction guarateed.

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