US Telephone Number - easy solution for your USA purchases

IShipUSA offers to all our members an authentic, working USA telephone number. You may need the Shipping US phone number when placing your individual order. Get your local Florida telephone number for one-time setup fee.

Why do I need a US phone number?

Some US retailers require a US telephone number for shipping / delivery only. A shipping number must be an authentic, working US phone number.

Enhance your US address with a local Florida telephone number. One-time setup fee is $18.90.

  • The shipping US telephone number provides retailer with the verification of your US shipping address and must be listed on the package for the driver that delivers your package. 

  • Your new US telephone number is only for enhancing your US shipping address! This number should not be used as your billing number (The billing phone number and billing address must correspond in order to verify the credit card being used). 

Please be aware
that you cannot use our USA telephone number as your billing number, because we will not verify your billing information for stores that call us. An unverified order will most likely result in cancellation.

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